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Welcome to my music page!

Below, you will find a collection of my songs. These songs were recorded by myself and my brother-in-law, using a four track recorder. Between the two of us, we had all of the necessary instruments and vocals we needed to make the recordings sound great! Just click on the title of the song to hear it. Also, be aware that these files have been created to stream at a very low bitrate (20Kbps) so the sound quality is not as good as the original recording. You will need a real audio player, and a 28.8K modem connection or higher in order to hear them. If you need to install RealPlayerŽ, click

It's a free download and very easy to use.

Note: I own the copyrights for all music files on this website.


Click on the titles below to hear the songs!
These files are in streaming audio format, so you'll hear them right away.

  • Warm The Night is a song that I'm very proud of. I'm not aware of anyone who doesn't like it. It's an up-tempo kind of pop love song, very melodic, and easy to dance to.
  • I Love You Anyway is the type of song that flows and makes you flow with it. Pay particular attention to the guitar solo played by Bob.
  • The Greatest Thing is a beautiful gift that depicts life, love, and death. This one is my very favorite. It not only has sentimental value, but also has great arrangement, melody, dynamics, and vocals. A real tear jerker. It features Rachel, Jonathan, and Joshua. (My three oldest kids)
  • Love Will Last was actually written by me, Bob, and my nephew Jerry. It has some great moments that feature excellent vocals, guitars, and chord changes.
  • Pour Vous is a song I wrote for my parents' sixtieth wedding anniversary. Since they spent most of their lives living in Canada, I thought it would be a good idea to write and sing part of this song in French. I performed it at a surprise anniversary party we had for them. Unfortunately my father, being deaf, has never heard it.
  • My Little Lady This is a newly added song to this web site. A good R&B song with a lot of drive.
  • With Me To Love Another newly added song to this site. A good ballad with only guitar, violin, and flute.
  • Time To Try is a song that's kind of hard to understand, but one of my favorites. It was inspired by Stephen King's "The Stand".
  • What I Have To Say has a Neil Diamond feel. This song is very well arranged. Notice the dynamics build-up only to finish as softly as it began. Notice, too, the choir vocals in the background towards the middle of the song. It's only me and Bob!
  • Somewhere In The Night is a lovely ballad. It bacically has an accoustic sound.
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